Stamping (Die-cut) for sheet materials

We can accurately punch out sheet material such as PET film, double-sided tape, rubber, and urethane. We also handle the assembly of PET film and double-sided tape. We offer these services so that the products are ready to use right off the production line.

Technical features

  • ±0.05mm machining tolerance when using a special die with the etching method.
  • Within ±0.01mm positional tolerance of the printed pattern
  • Hole pitch tolerance within ±0.01mm
  • A partial half cut is also possible.

Materials that can be processed

  • PET film, double-sided tape
  • Rubber and urethane foam
  • Resin (P.V.C., fiber, polycarbonate, acrylic, etc.)
  • Backlight Film, Diffusion Sheet, Reflective Sheet
  • Films and micro-adhesive films
  • Mesh and non-woven fabric
  • Metal foil (copper foil, aluminum foil, copper PET, ALPET)