Highly flexible designs for meshes and filters

MELTEC’s micro hole technology can create meshes and filters from metal or resin for a variety of applications.
High-precision and complex shapes can be created.

Secondary processing such as bending and stamping after etching can be done in house for one-stop production.

Applications for use include electrical/electronic components, automobile parts, medical devices, and food processing.


We process a wide range of products from metal filters for the automotive industry to coffee filters for commercial machines in the fields of electronics and electrical parts, automotive parts, medical equipment, and food processing.

1. Etching

  • SUS, copper and other various metals can be processed.
  • Shapes can be freely designed, in contrast to stamped products such as punched mesh.
  • Additional processing (bending, diffusion bonding and surface treatment) is available.

Reference example: SUS304, t=0.05: Minimum hole dia. 0.08, minimum pitch 0.13

Examples of etched products

SUS honeycomb mesh

Honeycomb structure with a high aperture ratio can be made for various applications.
t=0.05, minimum hole dia. 0.08

Stainless steel round hole filter

High corrosion resistance, applications range from general use to food and medical use and can be made with high dimensional precision.

Micro hole mesh

Mesh with ultra-small diameter holes of 0.005mm
t = 0.023mm, etc.

Etching + rolling

Etched mesh can undergo secondary processing such as bending and stamping.

2. Electroforming (Material: Ni)

  • Taper-less vertical cross-section.
  • Suitable for high-precision and intricately detailed products.
  • High degree of hardness(ref. Hv550)and high durability.

Reference example: Nickel, t=0.02: Minimum rib width 0.018, minimum aperture width 0.045

Examples of electroformed products

Nickel 3D Mesh

3D electroforming of a seamless structure.
φ20mm, t=0.060mm

Nickel flat mesh

Taper-less structured flat mesh by electroforming.
High in hardness and excellent in durability.



  • PET film and metal foil can be processed.
  • Hoop material can be processed
  • Suitable for high-volume production

Reference example: Stamping of PET sheet: t=0.2mm: Minimum hole dia.φ 0.4mm, minimum pitch 0.8mm