What are encoder discs (code wheels)?

The disc-shaped scale built into a rotary encoder device is called an “encoder disc” or “code wheel.

A scale called slit is engraved on the disc, and the encoder device reads the slit data to precisely control the position movement.

When manufacturing encoder discs (code wheels), we work with our customers to determine the inner and outer diameter dimensions, slit width, pitch width, tolerances, etc., and control the accuracy of our products.

The processing materials range from PET film, metal, and high-precision metal, and we can propose the most suitable material according to the application, accuracy, and price.


Industrial robots and positioning servos, automation of production plants, automotive industry, OA equipment, machine tools, measuring instruments, etc.

Product Features

  • Material: Metal, PET film, resin, etc.
  • Applicable encoder: Incremental type/absolute type
  • Style: Transmission type/reflection type
  • Resolution: 150LPI/180LPI/300LPI/360LPI, etc.
  • Combined processing: Assembly with a hub, reinforcement plate, double-sided tape, water-repellent processing (film only)