Improved production efficiency and precision by metal insert molding.

At MELTEC, Insert molding plastic into metal etching parts helps reduce the burden of assembly. We aim to optimize precision by offering one-stop production from etching to molding.

Technical features

  • Small precision parts (100 tons or less).
  • Insert molding of metal parts (especially advantageous for etching and press molding).
  • Injection molding that uses special resins.
  • Can be automated.

Mold manufacturing equipment

  • Made by OKK
    Machining Center VB53
  • Made by Sodick.
    Precision Wire EDM (Electric Discharge Machine)

In addition, we have introduced state-of-the-art equipment such as wire cutters, surface grinders, NC milling machines, lathes, 3DCAD/CAM, and 3D measuring instruments to achieve high quality mold manufacturing.

Processing Examples

Please feel free to contact us about labor saving through integrated molding of various metal and plastic parts.

Star wheel

Insert molding of metal spur and resin hub

Encoder desk

Insert molding of metal discs and resin hubs

Molding and assembly of small parts

From molding to assembly of resin hubs and small cases, we are able to meet your needs. Please contact us for supply in China, the Philippines and Thailand.