Combined processing

One-stop shop for all of your combined processing additions

MELTEC provides one-stop production of not just etching and electroforming, but also combined processing and surface treatment to create products with the desired forms and functions. Please contact us for all of your processing needs including secondary and tertiary processing.

Examples of combined processing

Rounding + welding

Rounding + welding after etching

Spot welding/rounding/bending

Design support for stamping and bending dies. (Creation of CAD drawings from designs)

Diffusion bonding

Each plate is perfectly bonded by diffusion at the atomic level.

High functional black treatment

Various types of black treatment for low-reflectivity and anti-rust properties. We offer solutions to meet your needs.


Spot welding/Adhesion. Adhesion using double-sided tape.

Integral molding of metal and plastic

Integral molding with plastic after etching or electroforming.


We perform treatment based on the required characteristics. Plating to special materials as well as the rack and barrel method are available.


Design and cutting work for metal hubs.

Wire cutting

We can create components by the combined technologies of wire electrical discharge and etching.


Bending for tiny etched parts.